BellaMagazine: Bride to Be

The cork on the champagne isn’t the only thing that look’s like it’s about to take off.

Photoshop Disasters

Every bride-to-be wants to be the center of attention and/or a pez dispenser on their big day. How much fabric do you think the veil will need?

Thanks Rebecca. You can see the original in BellaMagazine.

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  • Remek

    lovely neck…

  • Andulamb

    You don’t get a neck that long without a lot of neck rings.

    • Waldobaby

      You only get ONE wedding ring.

  • OurJames

    The Woman They Couldn’t Hang

  • stella

    She is really sticking her neck out for this photo shoot.

    • stella

      But, bad jokes aside, she looks like she is doing an ad for one of those bladder control products. I have noticed, quite often recently, women on tv standing with their ankles crossed. While I marvel at their balance, it looks so uncomfortable and they look as though they need to find a restroom. I don’t know when someone decided this was a natural looking pose. I realize this has nothing to do with the PsD, except that I found it difficult to even notice the PsD because I was so distracted by her crossed legs.

      • Waldobaby

        But she’s only standing on one leg and it’s perfectly centered under her apparent center of mass. I think there’s grace there in spite of her anorexia.

      • Besucherin

        In the matter regarding her crossed legs I have to speak in her defence. I myself like to stand with my legs crossed. It could be that there’s a certain leg length-hip width-ratio required (as well as something missing between the legs) to make it a comfortable pose, but I assure you, to some at least it really is comfortable and quite stable at that, too. A good sense of balance is not required, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to stand that way.
        Though after looking at the picture for a second time, I have to add that I prefer to rest my weight on both legs when standing like that.

  • friend for you

    very nice dress. she is very cute girl. Amazing World

  • kabak

    About the brightness of the members
    her right hand (the left one for the observer) is realy dark.
    but the legs should be equally dark. At least one that supports her.

    Is the arm that is too dark and the legs are correct
    or legs are too light?