Daily Mail: Middling Market Tabloid

It’s hard to tell what was tweaked in Photoshop, and what was tweaked by a wax-happy beautician.

Photoshop Disasters

Both of these folks look like burn victims below their Speedos, and it has the unfortunate side effect of making the otherwise plastic-perfect people look like they have an “au naturel” policy when it comes to their legs. Also, points for awkward drink placement.

Thanks MiamiCarolina. You can see the original on DailyMail.

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  • FormAndFunction

    I tried to convince myself she was wearing sheer black hose. That had mysteriously rotated her left ankle 360 degrees to the left. But I failed.

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Her entire left leg is a freak show from the wibbly-wobbly thigh down to the twisted ankle and deformed toes.

  • Roderick

    Her left leg looks uncannily like a clone of his left leg.

  • Nocturnesthesia

    I honestly have no idea what they could have been going for here. Maybe some kind of printer error or something?

  • mE.!

    I don’t s… LEG