Forever 21: Skinny Stomach

Ironically, giving the model a stomach that skinny makes her clothes look like they fit horribly.

Photoshop Disasters

The lack of bellybutton and any visible ribs – you know, the stuff that makes up a normal human – make this disaster look extra bad. Since you can view this model from different angles, I’m forced to wonder if she’ll disappear completely if you swipe it just right.

Thanks Emila!

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  • Roderick

    A waist of space?

  • Steven

    I Have a feeling this is not one, but three women. The color of the skin differs from the legs, the right arm and the rest. Maybe the bottom is even turned backwards.

  • KJ

    I’ve photographed this model and she has an amazing body! Such a shame they butchered her like this :(

  • Stella

    Everyone assumes the “Forever 21″ refers to the clothing retailer, but it is actually her waist measurement…in centimeters.

  • Z

    Search “Maxi Skirt” or “Midi Skirt” on Forever21 to see event more obvious PSD (well, forever with body insecurity). When you see the HD pictures and you just have to say WHYYYYYY !!!!
    Stella was right : You ca see “Waist : 22″ at the end of the details of the product