InStyle: In Something

On Downton Abbey, Michelle Dockery plays a character from a simpler time, before Photoshop, when acronyms like DIY were capitalized.

Photoshop Disasters

I’m not sure how much of this disaster is what they’ve done to her face and what her pencil-thin proportions are. What say you, readers?

Thanks Mariano! Michelle Dockery Photoshoot for InStyle UK January 2014

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  • Roderick

    This is like shooting fish in a barrel. It would be more difficult to find a fashion magazine that did NOT include a PSD.

    • Miguel Farah

      Fashion magazines are serial offenders. If it’s easy to catch them, so what? They deserve a lot of flak for the crap they pull.

  • greennotGreen

    Looks more like CGI anime than a photograph of a real person.

  • M.

    Michelle Mockery.