Porsche: What’s Under the Hood

Pit crews can have as many as six people, but Porsche somehow manages with three-and-a-half.

Photoshop Disasters

The only thing that messes with my eyes more than that car’s paint job is the question of where that mechanic’s legs disappeared to. Considering Porches’ commitment to aesthetics and what’s under the hood, you would think a little time and thought would go into these things.

Thanks Ness.

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  • kasmol

    He is not with the pit crew; he is the groundskeeper. When standing at his full height, he is about 35 feet tall.

  • Roderick

    Looks more like a relaxed meeting of the Porsche Admiration Society than a hard-working pit crew. That perspective-defying guy behind the barrier is so in awe of the car he daren’t come any closer.

  • ssacke

    The paint job IS for to mess with your eyes, so it’s entirely intentional. As for the giant, he’s digging a hole so he would appear normal…

  • dma

    Is that the driver pumping his own gas?? o.O

  • shredzorz

    Porsche’s commitment to aesthetics? They’ve been making the same Volkswagen Beetle shape for 50 years.

    • Nasro Subari

      That IS a commitment to aesthetics. You… you… SUV apologist!!