Soft Jogger: Hard Line

This is why you need to be careful when you strike a pose in high-heels.

Photoshop Disasters

My favourite part is where they advertise a “fluid look,” yet her feet have snapped clean off. You have to appreciate how the fabric sits near the break though – that’s the true mark of quality.

Thanks Nancy!

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  • Nicewriter

    She has been beamed down from Enterprise but something happened on the way down…

  • richardginn

    That will be the last time she does any dancing.

  • stella

    I heard that wearing heels can cause ankle dislocation.

  • rowger

    Some smart-ass figured that the model would look better wearing cyan shoes after the photo shoot was over.

  • 495

    i work for this company! i wanted to send this in, but someone beat me to it!