Head over hips

The perfect outfit for any balloon-headed snake woman.

Photoshop Disasters

What’s the worst part of this disaster – the top, the bottom, or the middle?

I guess the better question would be “what part of this that isn’t a disaster?”

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  • Andulamb

    She’s sticking out her left hip. I don’t think this is the disaster you think it is. Maybe her legs have been overly smoothed — or maybe she’s wearing nylons.

    For me, what’s unforgivable is the tiny bit of the back of the skirt that is visible between her legs. The shape of it and the — seam? — create the subliminal impression that she has balls.

    • JustopperStrikesAgain

      Maybe look a tiny bit higher… like her HEAD!

      • Andulamb

        Yes, she has a head. And? Petite women can have comparably big heads. Have you seen Nancy Reagan?

        • Waldobaby

          Have you seen Bratz?

    • M.

      Alright, I have to ask… Your posts on CFH are generally pretty great, so why are you such a regular defender of the indefensible over here? She looks like Progeria Barbie, for crying out loud! I’ve seen anime girls with more realistic proportions!

  • Pixelgal

    Will you people please get off the internet, go find a real, however skinny and flexible, woman and then tell me that pose is possible? And that her head is not almost bobble-head proportions? Seems to me that the intent of most of the comments is to prove there was no photoshop problems.

  • dma

    Can someone please explain to me what it is about Asians and Anime proportions?? I just don’t get it…