Target: A Little Off

Pregnant women have every right to indulge in lingerie and their usual shaving routine, but I worry she took a bit too much off of her arm.


Do women shave their arms? Is that a thing? My only idea of what makes a woman comes from this site, so I assume they’re all bobbleheaded plastic people with bird-like limbs.

Nice catch Sara. You can see the original on the Target site.

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  • Roderick

    Pathetic PSD – I’m guessing there were some inappropriate tattoos on her arm which the intern tried and failed to hide.

    • sandwyrm

      Somebody forgot to turn a layer back on before saving it out.

  • OurJames

    Too-generous tolerance for the Magic Wand tool.

  • Skeptic

    Yes, some women shave (or remove hair by other methods from) their arms. In Japan it’s quite a common practice. The Japanese woman I talked to about this was quite amazed that in my country women allow hair to grow on their arms.

    Sheesh. And it’s not as if the Japanese have much body hair to begin with.