Valisere Collection: Some moment

If the image in the mirror isn’t the right reflection, you’re looking at a horror book, not an erotic thriller.

Photoshop Disasters

At first, I thought this was just a sloppy reflection, but you’ll notice her better half is wearing a little less strap while showing off a lot more nipple.

Sidenote: don’t instruct your audience to close their eyes to step into a world of seduction when what you’re offering is an e-book. I can’t overstate how necessary eyesight is to enjoy those.


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  • Waldobaby

    Obviously deliberate.

    • katdotdotdot

      Yep, obviously deliberate – they’re in different positions, wearing different underwear and even have different hair lengths.

      This is more of an art direction failure than a PSD. The two women should have been noticeably different to make the point.

      • neville

        i actually don’t think it’s an art direction failure. the tagline or whatever it’s called is “sweet innocent or femme fatale?” im guessing the idea was to play up that contrast with the different mirrored images.

  • speising

    sometimes, it would make sense to actually read the ad’s text before criticizing.

    • ixache

      But they did read the ad text! (I know, I, for one, have read their blurb.)

      Nevertheless, they went ahead and labelled it a PSD. How could the sentence “Live your secret fantasies” with a picture of a woman looking at an even more scantily clad version of herself be so indecipherable?

  • Andulamb

    The only problem here is that the reflection is not different enough. What’s the concept, anyway? Is it sweet innocent vs. femme fatale? If so, the “sweet innocent” is not sweet enough or innocent enough. Or is it reality vs. fantasy? If so, the “reality” is not average enough. There’s simply not enough contrast to convey anything. Most people won’t notice there’s any difference between the woman and her reflected image.

    In any case, it’s obviously not a PSD.

  • Michelle

    Ok so maybe we’re supposed to think she’s going from “very seductive” to “a teeny bit more seductive”. Oookaaay…but it looks like someone whittled mirror-girl’s boobs from blocks of wood.

  • Roderick

    This looks like an ad for lingerie, is in fact an ad for e-books, and the underlying sales message is erotic fantasy. Not a PSD, though alas, the fantasy factor has been faffed.

  • Dezi

    If you look closely, she’s wearing a two-piece bra. The one in the mirror is the sexier, less fabric version that can be seen under the second cover bra she’s wearing in “real life”.

  • Rrhain

    Not exactly Photoshop, but still a lesson to be heeded:

    Copy edit! Yeah, the previous sentence ended in a colon, but what followed was a full sentence in and of itself. Thus, it begins with a capital letter!

    “…step into a world of seduction:

    “Play with the intriguing….”

  • Jim

    All of the photos in the ad campaign are similar:

  • Dourn

    Yeah, not a PSD – the images in the mirror are always a bit racier in this series – and if you look at the link in the first comment and look at some of the other images, you’ll see that a lot of the mirror images have her showing some nipple – which I accidentally found you can zoom into (I didn’t intend to – I was just trying to scroll down the page).

    What’s worrying (for me possibly) is that the idea of bras with a bit you remove to show the nipples just has me think of maternity bras, which probably is the exact opposite effect… :-)