Lenco: Earbuds for Ants

Oh, honey! Yes! I will marry – oh, it’s an MP3 player. The size of my thumbnail. Sorry, I thought this ring box containing something ring-sized would be – you know what, it doesn’t matter. We’re through.

Photoshop Disasters

With handheld devices diminishing in size, it was difficult to tell if this was simply a small device in a big hand. But, unless  Lenco is marketing to people with pin-pricks for ears, those earbuds imply something went amiss in the marketing department.

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  • speising

    really! this must be the first time in advertising history that an ad exaggerates on purpose!

  • -

    Hey, don’t laugh at the device size, it’s just held in a 6-finger giant’s hand.

  • richardginn

    NO PSD… That is a special doll house size non working miniature model displayed in a jewelry box.