AOK Business Magazine: Count The Limbs

Let’s play a little game of “count the limbs!”  Ready?  Go!




Ah, I give up!  Thanks for sending this in, Stefan.  This disaster was highlighted on this website.

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  • Nicky

    Well – I don’t find it THAT disasterous. Awkward – yes. But lets look at the familiy members (and their limbs):
    Dad: Sits slouched into the chair. His right arm and leg (white pants) are visible, his left arm and leg are propped up behind the mom to support her back

    Mom: Sits on dads lap, her legs (Jeans) are on the left. Her right arm/hand holds the child in the middle, HER left hand (not dads) with the watch is holding the girl on the right side.

    Girl on dads shoulder: obvious, her left hand is visible between dads head and moms shoulder

    Child in the middle: head and left hand angled towards the camera, thats why they look so big. The legs are between mom and dad. The right arm is visible between his/her head and moms legs.

    Girl on the right: obvious again

    The animals? Yes, they are shopped in (and they changed colour and armrests of the couch)

    Did I miss anything?

    Here is the original:

    • OurJames

      It must be Dad’s hand holding the baby to the right of Mom. The hand is too big to be hers. Compare with her right hand.

      I just don’t see how Dad’s left leg could be hidden so completely, but I suppose so.

      What is Mom’s right hand grabbing? Middle Child’s right leg?

      Middle Child (Upside-down Child): right arm completely visible extending toward camera. Left arm…? Between Middle Child’s head and Mom’s left leg? It looks too stubby, like a wrist. Middle Child’s left arm bent at the elbow, with wrist/part of hand showing? I just can’t make it work in my mind.

    • Joao

      Totally agree. The original is a weird set but there’s nothing wrong with it. The weirdness was overblown on the new image by distorting it and some bad crop/paste work.

  • Andulamb

    My complaint is with the original image. What a horrible use of wide angle.

  • MCDexX

    The fringing on the dog cutout is simply unforgiveable. It looks like a 70s era Doctor Who bluescreen.

  • Waldobaby

    Wide angle or not: that poor kid’s head!

  • Nasro Subari

    Wherever Dad’s other leg is hiding: his hip and leg must be broken in several places…