Diores: Painted-On Bathing Suit

Even the guy in the painting behind her is giving her some serious side-eye.



Not only is this bathing suit painted on (and not in a good way), but her arm seems to be cutting right through that picture frame/mantel/whatever.

*slow clap*  Bravo.

Thanks for sending this in, Vanee!  This image, along with many more monstrosities, can be found here.

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  • dai

    I had one of those painted costumes once, it went green in pool and everyone thought I’d peed

  • bebert

    Agreed for the paint, but the arm is just behind some decorative object on the mantel.

  • OurJames

    It’s decorative scrollwork at the top of a picture frame.

  • wesley kime

    Actually, it’s one of those special elongated frame lights that’s attached to the top of frames in real museums. And her left arm is resting realistically against the top of the frame. Don’t you go to art museums? Aren’t 2 dimensional swimmers always nestled against Vermeers?

  • Guest

    WHAT other monstrosities? That site is full of porn.

  • Andulamb

    WHAT other monstrosities? That site is full of sweet sweet porn.

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      It’s the Polish version of Fredrick’s. The translated descriptions are hilarious. “Take the beloved head??” One swimsuit had to be paid for only in figs.

  • dma

    Please tell me this is edited for American content. You know like in Japan, half the Anime characters are really naked…