Patricia Velez: I’ll Pass On That Pizza

I don’t know which part is more disturbing, those pizza toppings, or her stunted forearm.


Thanks, Freddy.  This disaster was spotted on her Facebook page.

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  • ssacke

    Especially when you watch the video linked in FB, where the pizza foundation is a 7-10″ supermarket pizza…

  • Marcello

    So, you won’t eat pizza made by someone with a deformity? That is rather rude, don’t you think? And where would you draw the line – would you eat pizza made by someone with stubby fingers or a crooked nose?

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Smells like troll in here.

  • M.

    Craaab people, craaab people…

  • Pedro Hin


  • Greenhatter

    Why make a photo of Patritia in the kitchen getting a pizza out of the oven, when you already have photos of Patrizia, a frozen pizza (if possible with plastic smoke on it), a platter with kitchen gloves fixed, a huge fitted kitchen and Thomas Knolls Book Of Blood?

  • omnichad

    Is it strange that I didn’t even notice the crab hands until long after I noticed the attempt to “unslice” the pizza in Photoshop?