Washingtonian Mom: Jay Carney & The Floating Finger

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and his wife, author Claire Shipman, know a thing or two about press conferences.  Rule #1:  Always try to divert attention from the cloned books and disembodied finger on your bookshelf.



Thank you to everyone who sent this in!  You can see a larger version of this disaster here.

Can’t see the psd?  Look on the right of the image, second shelf down from the top.

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  • http://nomayo.mu.nu Stephen_Macklin

    There are lot of repeating patterns in the book spines as well. Someone tried very hard to beef up the library – and failed!

  • http://popzombie.net Quality Jones

    That floating finger is a mirror clone of the kid’s finger from over on the left.

  • http://phelps.donotremove.net Phelps

    Yeah, it looks like it was a narrow format image that they tried to widen by cloning the shelves wider, and disasterized it in the process. Note that when they cloned the same book left, they removed the finger, but failed to do so on the right side. (All of the books on the right edge are the left edge books flipped.) Shameful. There’s also a pretty ugly paste line that should have been softened on the right second-from-bottom shelf.

  • http://bjunity.org/ Bill B

    I’m convinced the fried egg in the kitchen photo is a PSD as well.

    Never mind that even the most well-to-do families don’t keep the entire food pyramid scattered all over their kitchen counters.

  • Waldobaby

    Such careful, deliberate, and subtle spontaneity brings a tear to one’s eye. I’m sure glad there’s nothing phony about THIS family!