Delfino: Ken Doll Not Included

From the neck up, we wouldn’t kick this guy out of bed for eating crackers.  The rest of him, however….

Italian Pajama

Totes legit!

Thanks, Mirko.  This image was included in the packaging for a pair of new pajamas.

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  • M.

    … They gave him a thigh gap. Just…

  • Greenhatter

    “Come here sweetheart, I´m glad to see you, too!?”

  • stella

    His upper arms are so small his biceps are uniceps. Seriously though, I can see why this was in the packaging – it this was on the packaging, where people would see it before buying, no one would buy. Who wants PJs that make you look like this?

  • OurJames

    The more I look at the environment he’s in, the more convinced I am that he’s an alien.

  • Anuj Kumar

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