Gulf: Half-Off All Jeeps

Now that looks like a party on wheels!  Not legs, though.  Just wheels.



I can’t tell which part is worse; the obvious PsD, or all those duck faces.

Thanks, Jeffrey, for snapping a picture of this advertisement.

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  • stella

    This is so bad that it has to be intentional, right? But why would someone intentionally do this? They are trying to sell the car, why make the car look smaller by putting huge people halves on top of it? So it must not be intentional. But it is so bad, it must be intentional. And around and around I go. I would really like to know the back story on how this got published.

    • Greenhatter

      Buenos tarde amigo. I will tell you the true story. On our ride on the mexican highway we had to stop because the liquor was empty. My friend bought some tequilla bottles from the senora near the highway. After driving some hours, maybe had fun with the chicas, drinking, and so on, one of the friends unexpectedly said to me: “Hola c*bron what have you done to my legs, I can´t see them?” I replied to the p*ndejo: “Maybe… you drank too much of the tequilla?” But then all of realized, that all of our legs have gone invisible, believe me or not, that is the f*cking truth.

  • Jon S

    As a guitarist, I’m more bothered by the inflatable “guitar.”

  • dma

    Creative Director: “Did you double check that ad?”
    Artist: “I’m too busy!! It’s fine”
    Creative Director: “I sure hope so, we have a lot riding on this promotion.”
    Artist: “I told you it’s fine”

    – fast forward 2 weeks –
    Artist: “Aw nuts…”