LTB Jeans: Swim For Your Life!

I can see the headline now: Deranged Jorts-Wearing Model Claims Another Victim In Her Row Boat of Death!



Swim faster, bro!  She has already caught two people and has heaped what’s left of them into the stern of her boat.

Thanks for sending it, Richard!  You can see the original here.

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  • Burt Johnson

    I don’t think that qualifies as a PSD. it appears deliberate, with the legs in the boat being part of the joke. She is fishing for jeans, catches them and tosses them in her boat, same as a ‘normal’ fisher(wo)man does with fish.

    PSD should be when the artist screws up and does a poor job, not just when you don’t appreciate their attempt at humor.

    • dma

      Would the fact that he has no legs with which to swim count as a PSD for you? Because it appears he doesn’t.

      • Burt Johnson

        I see a bit of jean poking up behind his butt. The water there looks like a leg just went underwater (you can see the suction lines between butt and that bit of leg). Looks reasonable to me…

        • dma


          You may think I’m grasping a straws, but the look on his face more closely resembles the throws of passion than fear. His hip is at a rather odd angle also. (Not that those 2 are related in any manner)

          Overall the image is odd in it’s humor. I see the humor, but I see errors in the execution. Hense – disaster.

  • Andulamb

    Not a disaster. The only questionable bit is that there’s no room for the upper bodies that go with the legs in the boat. But the image obviously is not supposed to represent reality, so that doesn’t bother me. I think it’s very well done, frankly.

    • Greenhatter

      I am really glad to hear that. The russians currently seem a bit clownish anyhow! Now, everybody knows, phantasy worlds should be constructed even more believable.

  • JugstopperRevenge

    They’re like frogs: You only keep the legs to eat.

  • Greenhatter

    What´s on the menu? Let´s see… “Chicks legs on a boat”… sounds good to me, I´ll have that! Welcome to the Ukraine …they indeed have humor!

  • Waldobaby

    The male model is amazing! Not only is he flailing about wildly in the water without getting the slightest bit wet, but he has set his face to show not the slightest trace of emotion, intelligence, or personality whatsoever. Bravo!