MobStub: Seeing Triple

Ugh.  Really?  Just, no.  I can’t even.



Thanks for sending this in, Susanne!  This image appears online here.

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  • Miguel Farah

    Shiny translucent elbows! Where can I go date any of these triplets?

  • M.

    *hums the Can-Can*

  • sakib

    Wow! Nice color correction…..

  • Andulamb

    Uh… Yeah, the colors are bad, and the glowing arm is bad, but… The real problem here is the missing chunk from the torsos of green and red.

    • e jerry powell


      They just have six-inch waists!

  • Rick Sciacca

    I think it’s just a bad angle. Lol

  • dma

    That’s every man’s fantasy right there.