Quiz: Free People

While we were discussing this Free People disaster, PsD reader Steven pointed out another image on the site that raised some eyebrows.  Check it out:


What’s up with that leg?!  The original is online here.

Is this a PS Disaster, or just a disastrously-bad angle?

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  • db

    The leg is coming from off camera to the left from a different person. Bad cropping.

  • nowak

    That was my guess also… the model is on her knees, the lower legs both behind her. And the visble leg is from a third person. Bad cropping….

  • Andulamb

    It’s the model’s leg. Legs bend. You know how you can sit on a chair with one leg in the normal “chair” position and the other in a half cross-legged position? That’s what she’s doing. The angle makes it look weird, but there’s no disaster.