Spot The Disaster: Kate Upton In Harper’s Bazaar

According to a recent interview with supermodel Kate Upton‘s trainer, you too could look like this.


Kate’s secret is a combination of a healthy, gluten-free diet, plus and lots and lots of exercise.  And of course, a little Photoshop never hurt anybody, either.  Can you spot it?

Via Harper’s Bazaar.

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  • PJHarvey

    arm/armpit. who knew a palm tree could grow out of there

  • Allie

    Shadows don’t match!

  • Prescott Perez-Fox

    The right arm/shoulder/armpit are a mess, Specifically. There’s also the shadow mismatch, indicating she probably wasn’t actually standing on that location at that time of the day. And of course there’s body manipulation up and down. I actually think they flattened her bust, which is odd because frankly that’s the reason we even know who Kate Upton is.

    • guest

      The right arm does not seem right — especially how it attaches to the shoulder (seems too low to me) and the upper part (seems some pixel grinding has been going on). Was it cut and pasted into the picture?

  • emma

    neck and collarbone!

  • Andulamb

    I usually play the role of naysayer, and this is no exception. The only potential PSD I can see right now is that possible divot in her right (her right, our left) armpit. But I think it’s an illusion caused by: 1) the similarity in shade between the shadow in her armpit and the palm tree, and 2) compression artifacts. But if you zoom in really close, you can see that the “divot” has a red hue, not a green hue.

    I do consider it a design flaw that the top of the palm tree mimics armpit hair. I’m not saying anyone will think she has armpit hair, just that it subliminally suggests it. The photographer should have set up the shot differently to avoid that problem.

  • Andulamb

    I don’t think there are any problems with shadows. Those who say otherwise are presumably referring to the greater shading on her right arm. But again I disagree. The sun is high and in front of Upton, and slightly to her right. So we should expect to see shadows under and on her left. But you have to keep in mind the position of Upton’s various body parts in relation to the camera. In short, because her right arm is higher above the camera than the left, it sees more of the underside of her right arm, which is in shadow. We also see the shaded underside of her lower jaw, don’t we?

  • Albert
    • Andulamb

      Yep, that cinches it. And yet we still have people pointing out imaginary problems.

  • Melissa

    The white stripe on her right side is straight up and down. The one on her left is curved, where they have whittled a waist for her.

    • Andulamb

      She’s three-dimensional. If you rotate her, the other stripe would also look fairly straight. I mean, the stripe on her right starts above her boob, goes around her boob on the outside, then comes close to her navel, and then ends up at the outer edge of her hip. Hmmm. That sounds just like what the other stripe is doing.But you’re not seeing them from the same angle, so they look different.

  • OurJames

    Looking closer…..

    1) Weird undercut in right arm pit
    2) Strange object under left arm pit
    3) Horizontal line
    4) Horizontal line
    (My white lines added to locate disruptions in the photo)

    • Andulamb

      1) It’s a shadow on the underside of her arm
      2) It’s her hair
      3) Compression artifact
      4) Compression artifact

  • Simone

    The back of her left knee is on the front side of her leg

  • stella

    This isn’t a PsD – it would be near impossible to walk far in her shoes – the back strap is inches away from her heel.

    • dma

      Those are not the straps honey. I’ve seen those shoes in magazines & I so want a pair!! They are extrusions designed to look like the fins of a 1950’s car. Notice the “tail lights” below. =)

    • ixache

      What dma said. The “fins” seem to clasp the heel.

      But you’re basically right, these shoes are not made for walking. For example, notice how the arch of her right foot doesn’t touche the sole. I’d say, some kind of modern, over-the-top, made-for-fetichists CFMS (aka “designer shoes”).

  • stella

    Also, what is going on with her swimsuit in the approximate location of her left nipple?

  • alex

    No shadow in the water?

    • ixache

      Yeah, that’s my main problem also. If it’s not a PSD, I’d like a good explanation about that…

  • Barbara

    Her left hand is knackered as well…her thumb is going into her side and the shadow on the fingers is obviously ‘shopped.

  • dma

    All I see is the mystery surrounding her armpit (is it a shadow? is it a mistake? what’s going on there?) And they’ve elongated her calves, resulting in the flattening of the muscle closest to the camera and an odd calf to thigh size ratio.

  • OurJames
  • Jade A.

    They’ve badly cut her right arm on the top -it’s missing a bit and doesn’t have an edge

    • likalaruku

      That’s because she grows palm fronds instead of pit hair.

  • e jerry powell

    Did anybody apologize to poor Ms. Upton yet?