Tiger Direct: Tiny Webbed Fingers

“Let me just demonstrate how the touch screen works using my itty bitty webbed fingers.”

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 8.18.27 AM


Thanks to Matthew and William, who both spotted this disaster on the Tiger Direct site.

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  • Greenhatter

    My hobbit is just mad on this touch screen! Yah, the new windows is awesome, good boy!

  • Roderick

    Don’t you need to curl up your fingers like that when using a large touch screen? Otherwise each finger would be touching a different icon and the laptop would be unable to cope with all the conflicting commands..

    • stella

      True for a normal sized hand and a normal sized screen with normal sized icons. But this is a normal sized screen with large icons and an incredibly tiny hand, so there isn’t much chance of touching more than one icon at a time.

  • John Hopkin

    I want cuffs that stick up like that. I don’t know why.