Amazon: Wood? What Wood?

This product is pretty amazing.  Instead of looking at that unsightly stacked wood, you can look at this one-dimensional, pixelated blob.  What an improvement!


Found here. Thanks for sending this in, Serge.

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  • Keith

    And then if that wasn’t weird enough for you, there’s this:

  • Greenhatter

    The used this digitally kind of knitted cover as a fictive cover, because the description tells that the cover is “AVAILABLE in black color”. The point is Amazon customers are able and willing to realize what´s meant. Nothing wrong here.

    • Andulamb

      I read your comment, and I STILL don’t understand “what is meant.” What does it matter that it’s black? Black things photograph just fine, thank you.

      • Rrhain

        The product is for the cover, not the rack. If you look at the actual item, you will see underneath it the “Frequently Bought Together” section where it shows the cover, a rack, and a tote bag. You keep the rack outside with the fire wood. You cover it with the cover. You use the tote bag to carry the wood from outside to inside.
        This particular item is specifically for the cover. But rather than taking a picture of the rack with the cover on, they tried to Photoshop in a cover over it. That’s why it has the little flap pulled aside and the black blobs that would be Velcro tabs to keep it closed.
        It’s a really crappy piece of Photoshop, but there was a purpose to it other than some sort of masking error.

        • omnichad

          And even worse, they tried to save it in a limited-color image format without dithering. There’s a LOT wrong with this.

    • Hooks Audie

      Someone is out of touch and it’s not me this time!

  • hoser

    It’s really 2 dimensional, no?

  • Rrhain

    It’s just the latest Amazon patent for displaying photographs of objects against a white background.