Amazon: Zeagoo (Needs A) Bandage Dress

I think I speak for all the ladies when I say that we’re all looking for a slinky club dress that makes us look this… odd.


No?  Just me then?  Okay.  Check out the close-up:




Clearly, whoever Photoshopped this image is blind, so we can’t even make fun of them.  It just wouldn’t be right.

Thanks, Ari!  This image is online here.

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  • OurJames

    No, it is correct as written. “Whoever” is the subject, not an object.

    “He Photosopped this image….”


    “Him Photoshopped this image….”

    • PGB

      It was originally “whomever” (Incorrect). I made the comment you see here, and they fixed the original post to be “whoever” (correct). I guess you saw the corrected text. Once they corrected it, they should have deleted my comment!

      • OurJames

        Will this reign of grammatical confusion never cease?!

      • Beverly Jenkins

        Thanks for the heads up! Btw, I tried to delete your comment, but WordPress and Disqus had other plans.

  • Greenhatter

    Is it just another rap guys´ bitch, who couldn´t handle the shredder!

  • Pedro Hin
  • linda

    Another deformed alien body. Who would want to look like this? Not a good ad for the dress.

  • stella

    Odd that they decided to whittle her waist but not her hips (her hips aren’t big, but the too tiny waist makes her hips look big – it is all relative). What is their advertising catch phrase – “this dress will make your waist look small, your hips look big, and give you angles where you never had them before”?

    • likalaruku

      They clearly want to give the impression that their dresses will make your ass visible from space.

  • Zed68

    Not sure if edited using photoshop or good old scissors here :)

  • likalaruku

    That’s how every single Zeagoo dress on Amazon looks. Some use the blur tool on the edges, many use the sphere tool on the ass, hips, & breasts. The women all look utterly ridiculous.

    I found an entry to top this by the way,Make sure to look at every single variable pattern.