Asos: Lopsided Bewbies

She is really filling out that bikini top!  Well, half of it, anyway.


Asos strikes again!  This image was spotted by this Redditor.  The original image appeared here, but it has since been removed.


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  • pobermarck

    Perhaps she’s a breast cancer survivor

  • barbara

    her shoulder is a bit wonky as well

  • Marcy

    And she is very thin yet no ribs or hip bones are showing – either they smoothed out the boniness of they trimmed her waist.

  • Stella

    Well, they always say your should put your best… um …. err… “foot” forward

  • jdm8

    Something happened to her lips too. They look artificially altered in some way.

  • Irina Chebotareva

    Let’s see. Apart from obvious – squared shoulders, obviously smallend (is that a word?) waist and elongated torso. Bravo, Asos.
    I don’t get it. Is a decent photoshop artist really that hard to find?

  • Samantha Escobar

    Hey hey, we suspect it’s not actually bad photoshop and that it’s actually just her body. Just sayin’:

    • omnichad

      I’m late to the party, but honestly it’s hard to believe. Someone so underweight and with so little body fat that her ribs had to be airbrushed away.

      But I think most of the effect is from her tendency to push in her left shoulder to sort of enhance her features. Looks to be common in every photo you linked to. And since every bit of bare skin has been airbrushed to remove any hint of texture, it’s possible that this was partly a side effect. The amount of work done to ANY model photo is just ridiculous.

      I’m not saying that she’s bilaterally symmetrical – just that there’s more to it than that.

  • Lothar

    Not a bad photoshop? Are you kidding? Maybe the breasts are the only thing not being photoshopped, but if you compare that picture to one that the article itself links, you can see a lot that has been done to the poor girl:
    – A dislocated shoulder
    – New lips
    – Removed rib cage
    – Stretched torso
    – Shrinked waist line

    Looking at that picture just let me cringe.

  • mna

    yeesh, this poor girl.

  • ssacke

    Photoshop or not, at least she is very beautiful…

    Anyone knows her name?

  • Roy A. Cui

    As a retoucher myself, I am surprised that after all the torso work done (Barbi-ized: stretched, smoothed and “perfected”), that they didn’t spend some time making her breasts more matchy-matchy.