Frasier: Shut The Front Door

I used to watch this show all the time.  How did I never notice that that Niles has a hunchback?


Or maybe his suit jacket is all bunched up?  What do you think?


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  • mikeaubrey

    Looks like 90’s shoulder pads at work to me.

  • stella

    He doesn’t have a hunchback, he has a dislocated shoulder.
    I think it is the way the shirt collar is facing that makes it look out. That and the bad job they did cutting and pasting.

  • JugstopperRevenge

    Wrong door style.

  • OurJames

    Maris has been totally Photoshopped.

  • M.

    I can *just barely* pull that pose off in the mirror… But it was more than a little bit painful and I think I pinched a nerve in my neck. Wow, that was stupid of me.

  • I_Drive_In_Ditches

    What about Frasier’s stubby legs?