H&M: Mismatched Top and Bottom

Those… are some weird pants.  It’s like they have a mind of their own and have decided to walk right off the page without their owner’s consent.



What do you think happened here?

Found on H&M.  Thanks, Regina.

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  • Andulamb

    They are in fact weird pants called culottes. There’s a link to them on the H&M page you link to. The third view of them shows that they have a flap of fabric that hangs down in front. In women’s fashion, culottes are a garment that hangs like a skirt but is actually pants.

    • richardginn

      She has to be a cirque du soleil performer or no way this pose can be formed no matter what you are call any piece of that outfit.

      • Andulamb

        You are mistaking the skirt part of the culotte with a leg that is turned to our right. When in fact both of her legs are facing forward. There is nothing strange about her pose.

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      But the legs of culottes are both the same, not one snug as on her left leg and one fuller as her right one. I made several pairs back in the 60’s. Each leg was probably 18″ wide. And if there were a flap we would not see any light between her legs. There is no way her body above the waist could turn 90° without her hips and crotch following. Unless she has a waist like a posable Barbie doll.

  • OurJames

    It’s a normal skirt, but in order for her to maintain that pose there is a man with black trousers hiding behind her and holding her up. They forget to get rid of the man’s trouser leg that is visible behind her.

  • Greenhatter

    She´s the leaning tower of pisa, basta!

  • Spruance

    Same thing as what happened to the detective in ‘Hellzapoppin’. Wrong spell!

  • fillide

    Nothing happened. There’s a drape in front of the pants. Look: the “butt” of the pants coincides with the hip. Horrible but no PSD.

  • Ez clipping

    Natural photography,nothing is happened.