Rhino Shield: It’s Not Paint, It’s Photoshop

This lady is so excited about her new house paint that she hasn’t even noticed that her arms are bending the wrong way.



I don’t think I’ve ever been that excited about anything.

Thank you to Darlene, whose daughter spotted this disaster in a VALPAK coupon packet.  You can see a larger version here.

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  • Rrhain

    No, there are some people whose elbows do bend that far. Hyperextension of the elbow (and knee) is not uncommon.


  • Greenhatter

    I thought this was a good day for Photoshop …not Paint, but it is Paint, isn´t it? What the …. is this about then?

  • OurJames

    Her arms, while terribly thin, are fine in terms of orientation.

  • Andulamb

    Perhaps there is nothing anatomically correct. But this is horrible in terms of design. Why are her arms like that? Is she supposed to be celebrating? She looks like she’s trying to fly.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn she was cut out of photo in which she was standing in a tree. The position of her right arm and hand makes me think she had been steadying herself against something.

    • OurJames

      She’s grabbing that window shutter about 75 feet behind her. And with her left hand she’s reaching for the transom over the front door.

  • EliyahuBenYisroel

    Granted, some people do have joints that allow them to hyperextend and hyperflex their arms and legs. Even so, why would anyone put a model in a pose that looks painful and distracts from the product being advertised?

  • stellla

    When people put their arms up to say “look at this big thing behind me” or throw their arms up in joy, don’t they usually put their palms up, not down? This, coupled with her distracting elbows make this a horrible photo for an advertisement (the scarf with a mind of its own isn’t helping matters either). Perhaps the photshopping disaster here is that it wasn’t photoshopped and should have been.

  • Nemmon Dommeg

    Yeah, no photoshop disaster here. When my ex-missus extended her arms, they looked just like this.

  • Howard M Beers

    Wait a minute. “It’s NOT paint”. They want you to use Rhino Shield instead of paint. So for your next paint job you should use Rhino Shield because it’s the paint that isn’t. Errrrr…..
    Oh, and what’s up with those arms?