Spot The Disaster: CycleNews

There’s a lot going on here, but one little thing is noticeably absent.  Can you spot the disaster?



This ad appeared in CycleNews magazine.  Thanks to Kevin for sending it in.

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  • stella

    I am thinking you mean the belly button of the woman, but it might be covered by the “tail” on her shirt. It would make her belly button higher than most people’s, but not impossibly high.

  • Faust3000

    Belly button

  • Jess

    Aha! No lint!

  • kabak

    I believe that a poor job of erasing an object as the top of a bottle she had slipped under her belt

  • Bob Lake

    Lighting is all wrong on the female.

  • Roderick

    – The middle dude seems to have his shirt tucked into his trousers and is wearing gloves, while the others are doing neither. Also, he is very differently lit.
    – Why would 3 champion motor-cyclists be standing on the podium holding up frames with old guns in them?
    – Does the navel-less she have the face of a he?

  • Lykeios

    Presuming that by magazine we can infer that it was a printed item that last yellow line could use some proof reading as well.


    I can’t spot the mistake. Lighting on the subject is OK. Consider that there is a kind of tent made of arches, I presume, therefore the arches on the subjects. Belly button is covered by tail of the shirt. So what’s wrong?

  • tim

    Yes on the belly button, but also, her cleavage looks somewhat askew.

  • Frinkky

    “ad appeared in CycleNews magazine” – assuming a printed ad, therefore the mistake is in the line “click here to see the yamaha factory horsepower video!”.