Toys ‘R’ Us: Legs Not Included

Looks like mom dragged herself across the lawn to play with little Susie in her kiddie pool.  How cute.


Thanks, Erik!  This image appears online here.

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  • Bob Lake

    Not to mention her unusual hand

  • Waldobaby

    You should just print all at once every pool toy package cardboard insert and get it over with.

  • dma

    I miss my inflatable floating pool…
    Let’s all go to the land of frizz-free hair too!

  • sp

    i don’t see a problem. clearly. mom, kid, and pool are ghosts, since they do not disturb a single blade of grass. so, i guess moms legs are just submersed in the ground.

  • JugstopperRevenge

    From the movie Freaks?

  • JugstopperRevenge

    Human torso:

  • Jay Walsh

    Today, June 18, from the Big Lots! email