Ideeli: No Lip Service

This model is known in the industry for talking out of both sides of her mouth.


Let’s take a closer look:


Thanks, Stephen!  This image was found online here.

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  • Andulamb

    There will be no debate about this one.

    • M.

      And then *the company itself* tries to debate it. Much like how even the most bigoted, abusive, brain-dead clients will find defenders on CFH, even the most inept Failureshops will find defenders on PSD. =P

  • Martin Pollard

    Not a PSD. She’s one of those multiple-mouthed alien singers from the pilot episode of the original Battlestar Galactica.

  • oldtaku

    Not a PSD guys. I get this effect all the time with strong flash.

  • stella

    Hmm, there is something shifty about this woman….

  • Greenhatter

    There is some strange beauty within this, undeniable. Another happy slip with the clone-stamp, which makes this piece so unique, c´mon let´s love this software!?

  • ideeli

    Thanks for the call out! This wasn’t caused by PhotoShop, there was an upload issue with this particular photo. It’s now fixed on our site. You can view it here:

    • Nico

      Un upload issue haha ! Of course lmfao !

    • Nico

      Oh and can you officially tell us it’s not photoshopped, for another good laugh lol thx bye !

    • Pedro Hin


  • Flora

    As the saying goes: You had ONE job….