Kjaerulff: Rubber Remote Control

Ummm, that looks like it hurts.



This guy clearly doesn’t know his own strength!  Either that, or the remote is made out of something pliable like rubber.  Which would be odd.

Found on this site.  Thanks, Phoenix.

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  • stella

    Well, they seem to be going for one of those solidarity fists protesters make when they are fighting for something (in this case, fighting for the freedom to watch what you want, where you want – maybe), so they just “inserted” the remote into the fist. It probably wasn’t meant to look like he was really holding the remote, because if it did look like he was holding it (and why not just take a picture with the remote in his grasp, if that were the case?) it would no longer look like the solidarity/protesting fist.
    But I prefer to think that this is just a guy who lost all of his fingertips in a freak accident.

    • Andulamb

      I think you’re right. I think they had a concept, and then they discovered that it was not compatible with reality. And rather than abandon it, they forced it via Photoshop, and the result looks a bit silly.

  • Rrhain

    Or, the guy was in a horrible accident that lopped off the last knuckles of his fingers and thank you very much for reminding him of that horrible day. While you’re at it, why don’t you give him a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it. We’re closed!

  • Flubby

    No no no, you’re wrong, there is NO PSD here ! This remote is an exclusive model which ergonomy makes it fit any hand holding it, even a fist.

  • likalaruku

    How hard could it be to get a photo of a hand holding a real remote? You could do it for free with no photoshop necessary.

  • Nocturnesthesia

    How do these MSpaint hacks keep getting jobs as graphic designers!?

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      Cheap labor?