Millennium Bank: Vegetable Stumps

Nothing covers up those unsightly leg stumps quite like fresh vegetables.


Thanks for scanning this ad and sending it in, Raquel!

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  • Rrhain

    Huh? She’s sitting on a crate behind a tall planting box. Her left leg is bent at the knee as it would be when you’re sitting down, the knee joint obscured by the cabbage in the box. But since she’s only got one buttock on the crate, her right leg is a little lower and gets obscured by the box directly.

    What’s the problem?

  • greennotGreen

    There is a crate there; I’m not sure she’s sitting on it.

    I’ve never grown that type of cabbage, but I imagine it’s like the cabbage I have grown in that the outer leaves curl outward. These heads look like store-bought cabbages whose outer leaves have already been stripped off. At least it’s not eight copies of the same shot.

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    The plants are a little too perfect, but her legs are fine.

  • crocofant

    It’s just the angle, I think. Her legs are fine. The cabbage has probably been freshly bought and put in the planting box as a prop – but that does not make it a psd.

  • Horatiorama

    A playful collage of size proportions and perspectives (well, the leg looks funny indeed), but the savoy cabbages in front: horrible. Somebody seems to have cut off the bottom leaves (or bought them cut off in the supermarket), put them too deep in the soil, and ignored the fact that they would need more space to grow that big. Photography: okay. Basic understanding of plants: fail.