Quiz: iStyles Creepy Hand

iStyles: For all of your topless computing needs.


Okay, so what is UP with that hand?  Vote below!

Is this a PS Disaster?

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Thanks, Aubrey!  This image was found here.

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  • Andulamb

    I would have voted for this being a PSD, if the voting actually worked.

    We should see the thumb of her left hand. With her palm turned up, her thumb should be to the right (as we view the photo) of her index finger. But there’s nothing there. I can’t even imagine where it could be hiding. Was it actually removed digitally? Or does she truly not have a thumb?

    But that’s just one of many objections I have to this photo, although the rest are not PSDs, just poor design.

    I don’t like that her eyes are obscured by the frames of her glasses. I just don’t think it’s a good look, and it may also be why her right eye seems to be staring at us.

    I also don’t like that her shoulders are bare, as this suggests that she’s topless. Of course she isn’t, but if you don’t want a photo to convey something you should ensure that it doesn’t. Here, the focus should be on the laptop, not the topless claw-handed ginger with the creepy stare.

    Oh, and I don’t like the dress (?) she’s wearing because, as she is posed and as the photo is composed, her lower half is presented as a shapeless blob.

    Regardless of what’s going on with her missing thumb, it’s a bad photo.

    • omnichad

      The University I work for allows students to submit their own photo for their ID card. You wouldn’t believe how many accidentally-topless-looking ID cards are out there.

  • davel23

    The thumb is there, it’s just difficult to make out due to angle and shadowing.

  • evident

    Do you guys just have bad monitors or bad eyes? I mean it’s that clearly to see, but if you look closely you will see her thumb underneath the laptop. It’s just lying in the shadow…

    This is no PSD…

  • teleromeo

    Is this the new 24″ MacBook Pro ?

    • Pedro Hin

      it’s the new iSelfie — it’s just a camera and your image broadcast on the screen

  • stella

    Yup, her thumb is there, directly under the half white / half grey triangle. So, we can see the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers of her left hand. So, what is that downward bulge between her thumb and index finger? I don’t think it is her wrist, as it is between her thumb and index finger and the angle doesn’t seem to explain it. It isn’t the knuckle, given the way her fingers are bending.

    • davel23

      It’s her wrist, it’s not so much between her thumb and index finger as it is behind them. It’s bent that way for leverage against the weight of the laptop. Anyone who’s attempted to use a laptop one-handed while holding it up with the other will be familiar with this hand position.

  • JugstopperTheDestroyer


  • Greenhatter

    That´s what happens, when a mormon trys out a electronic book, or whatever hell has sent her?

    • Simon Peters

      or even ‘tries’

      • Greenhatter

        Yeah, I guess they´re quite educated, sunday school and so forth…

  • Anon

    Not a PSD. Her thumb just isn’t very defined in the shadow.

  • http://f5.ru/president-of-mars President of Mars

    I recognized her. It’s “Alien”!

  • dub6ster

    you can see her thumb if you look closely.