Voici: Jennifer Lopez’s Missing Leg

Poor J-Lo.  First there was that weird necklace disaster, and now this.  She just can’t seem to catch a break.


Found online here.  Thanks, Herbauges!

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  • kevin

    Not a disaster. The little girl is holding a white bag

  • daria
    • mittfh

      It’s more a case of the camera settings, in that the white bag is completely bleached out with overexposure so is indistinguishable from the background.

      So ideally, a bit of photoshop should have been used to pick out the edges of the bag so it doesn’t look as though the middle half of J-Lo’s leg has gone AWOL.

  • 5up Mushroom

    When you want everything to be a PSD than everything looks like a PSD. Even an obvious white bag.

    • Andulamb

      Okay, I’m convinced this is a white bag. But it’s not obvious. This is a PSD in reverse — the disaster is that it wasn’t Photoshopped more.

  • Greenhatter

    Obviously there is Mule behind, who gets paid for taking care of all the bags.

  • Geeguy

    daria and kevin are right, it’s just a white bag…..come on people, what is this doing on PSD? http://photo.voici.fr/media/cache/width_620px/upload/slideshow/jennifer-lopez-a-paris-avec-ses-enfants-6926/jennifer-lopez-13-116756.jpg

  • http://www.komadori.me.uk/ komadori

    Looks like a PSD to me: in removing some unwanted stuff on the path in the background, the selection has also picked up the similarly coloured bag and removed all details and shading on that too.