Amazon: Cesspool Of Failure

Since the product description says this tub o’ enzymes is a whopping 45 pounds, it’s clear that this lady is just really, really strong.  How else could this whole thing work?



I also like her oddly windswept hair.  Nice touch.

Thanks, Kim!  You can see this masterpiece online here.

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  • Samual

    Shipping weight is only 1lb, :0

    • Beverly Jenkins

      I saw that, but then just above in the product description it says the item weighs 45 lbs.

      • EliyahuBenYisroel

        The container is too big for just one pound of the stuff and far too small for 45 pounds.

  • Waldobaby

    Not bad at all. Her hand is still smaller than her head. A little.

  • opp

    What’s with that arm? I don’t think that lower part was ever attached to her upper arm. At least not in during this photo session.

  • Roderick

    The fore-arm’s connected to the… hip bone!