Chas and Ann’s Motorhome Mess-Up

Oh, Chas and Ann.  Really?  This is the image you’re going with for your ad?  Okaaaay.



Thanks for sending this in, Mitch!

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  • Stella

    While this is obviously a PsD, I do appreciate that they tried to make it appear as though she was leaning out the window. Oddly enough, I am most disturbed that the lettering is not straight, with respect to what it is written on (the top of the motorhome and the license plate).

  • Lee Bennett
  • Vireya

    It’s not an ad, just the header of a personal blog. So I don’t think they were trying for realism!

  • Kevin Bhasi

    It almost looks like they made it in Paint in windows

  • Robert Hazelrigg

    I thinks it’s great! funny… no Campy