Designers who want to be as smooth as the vectors they produce need to check out the Creative Edge Design Bundle for sale over at Mighty Deals. The whole pack is 95% off and the elements are free to use for personal or commercial purposes.

Pick up the whole pack for $49 for the next 48 hours! It includes over $1000 worth of design elements that will help you convince your clients that clip art isn’t the only option.

Check out the deal here.

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  • Stella

    I am still surprised that they use photoshop on animation/drawings….The PsD here seems more obvious than the one about the fonts. Obviously, it is that yellow and red would make a more orangey color and red and blue make purple, not brown.

  • Roderick

    This looks more like a sponsored link than a PSD. You could at least label it for what it is.

  • Right To Be Verboten

    Ok so it’s a paid ad and not a PSD but it is the worst Venn diagram disaster since the Romney campaign.