Instagram: Turns Out Beyonce Is Not ‘Flawless’

Instagrammers of the world are all buzzing this morning over an image that Beyonce shared over the weekend.


A celebrity who ‘shops her Instagram pics?  Who would do such a thing?  And where can I get one of those curvy iPhones?

Thanks to Swagger New York for the image composite.

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  • Stef

    The curvy phone also has the realistic triangular reflection found in most ‘official’ iPhone images as in

  • Nicewriter

    The glass is crooked too. Maybe the place is slowly melting in the presence of her majesty the Beyonce.

  • stef

    Also what do you think of the wine glass? it also looks distorted to me

    • M.

      Also, the suspiciously flat shadow on her leg underneath the pillow indicates judicious use of the smudge tool. Not that it matters – “Woman has cellulite, prefers not to show it” is about as newsworthy as “Sky blue, water wet” – but it would have been barely noticeable if her ‘shopper hadn’t completely Uri Geller’d that phone.

      Remember to stick the landing, people! The Russian judge is not impressed.

  • Beth

    I’m assuming they probably removed something like a cigarette + ashtray combo from the pic. Considering her position as a “role model” to young girls, I’d say it’s a pretty valid (albeit poorly executed) ‘shop job.

    • Andulamb

      That wouldn’t caused the phone to become distorted. I’m pretty sure it was shopped to make her leg appear less fat.