Pizza Avanti: MMM, Delicious Plastic

What?  Haven’t you ever seen a plastic woman eating a plastic sandwich before?


This is just plain weird, and it’s not the first time we’ve called out this brand for bad Photoshop.  Thanks for spotting this German flyer and sending it in, Eu.

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  • nomoremister

    Looks like the cover of a 70s Eurodisco album.

  • Daniel

    Why is she eating a burger if the flyer is for a pizza place?!

  • stella

    What sort of look were they trying to go for here? I would hope they didn’t want to make the food (and the model) appear plastic

  • Bébert

    Bad art, but is it bad Photoshop?

    • Waldobaby

      Is it Photoshop?

  • John Whorrall

    Looks like the basic “plastic wrap” filter in PS. I’ve never found a practical use for it either.