Rising Star: The Results Are In, And They’re Scary

This gal has a true glow about her!  No pores or anything else that looks remotely human, but glow?  Yes.


Post edited because I had no idea that this girl actually is an amputee.  That part isn’t Photoshopped.  Whoopsie.

Spotted by Megan on the Rising Star mobile app.

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  • lmahiram

    Actually, April Lockhart is an amputee. She lost her hand at birth when her mother’s umbilical cord got wrapped
    around her wrist in the womb… but she learned to play guitar anyway,
    thanks to a pointy prosthetic her doctor made for her, which she dubbed
    “Birdy” because of its beak-like shape.

    • lmahiram

      I cut and paste this and didn’t see the original error. Wouldn’t it be considered April’s umbilical cord. hmm?

    • Beverly Jenkins

      Someone on Facebook just told me that! I had no idea. I’ll edit the post so as not to appear so damn insensitive. lol

  • Andulamb

    Can a glow be a PSD? It’s just a design choice. As for her pores… I wouldn’t expect to see pores at this res. I don’t see anything here that is a disaster.

  • PGB

    I think the caption should be “stand by for the next performance.” “Standby” is an adjective.

  • Farmersboy

    Maybe she just eats Ready Brek…