Spot The Disaster: Pottery Barn Kids

Cute lunchbox, but something is amiss.  Can you spot the disaster?



Let us know if you found it, in the comment section!

Thanks for sending this in, Karen.

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  • Gosia

    Paul? :)

  • johan

    letters on handbag !

  • davel23

    Not a disaster, luaP is a perfectly cromulent name.

  • Chris Barrett

    Paul always was a bit of a backward kid.

  • 5up Mushroom

    .ereh sretsasid pohsotohP on ees I

  • ssacke

    q⁏ …ƚi ynɘb nɒɔ luɒꟼ ɿɘʜƚiɘИ ␚ǫnoɿw ǫniʜƚon ɘɘƨ ƚ’nɒɔ I

  • Nicky

    There are too many Grapes and Rasberrys in the box – if you close it, they would get smashed. And the the little note for the kid would get dirty if taped to the inside.
    The name on the bag – well if the kid forgets his name, he just needs a mirrow and he is fine…

    • Ashley

      Must remember to get one of those “mirrow” things. :)

  • s1d

    Paul would never have his name on such a bag!

  • David Henderson

    Paul, for starters. Then, how about the toothpick? That just doesn’t look right now matter which angle you try to take. And the fork… No shadows anywhere. Magic! I am curious where the blue reflection is coming from on the fork handle, too. It’s on the wrong side to be the napkin, right? Not that napkin is too far away to be casting that kind of reflection anyway…

    • Waldobaby

      There are plenty of shadows from the kissy note to spare. A note held on with hazardous materials marking tape, no less. Must be my Uncle Harry’s cooking…

      What I don’t get is the significance of a lunchbox that won’t hold an apple that’s sitting on gambling materials. Is it surreality, or only meta? Who is this Paul?

      • peaceetc

        Your Weird Al reference wins all the things.

  • NguyenVanBinh

    Mirror, mirror, I hate to see ordinary things!

  • John Lennon

    I buried Paul

  • denisgomes

    What if the person is actually named luaP?

  • Randal L. Schwartz

    Maybe Paul likes to run behind cars, and needs people to read his name in the rearview mirror, like “AMBULANCE”?