Yummy Bee: PSD With A Fringe On Top

I can’t decide which part I like best, the stretched out/slimmed down torso or the random dark shadowing underneath her arm.  Decisions, decisions.



Thanks, Emma!  This image was found here (and there are plenty more disasters to view on that site).

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  • Rrhain

    What shadow? For the one in black, the arm on the right is lifted up to show her armpit and the arm on the left is bent so the hand is up by the shoulder. But then there’s an inset of the exact same pose in blue but flipped left to right. Thus, the arm on the left is the upraised arm, overlapping the main image and the arm on the right is the one that has the arm bent with the hand at the shoulder.

    Instead, what is that blurry streak on the main image (black) on the left side where the thigh meets the panty?

    • stella

      I think the “shadow” they are referring to is the black area in the armpit of the arm that is bent. Why would the area between her hand and her chest be solid black?

  • Stella

    I think my favorite part is that they did such a crappy job trying to slim her waist that she now looks like she has cellulite – the edges are so bumpy.

  • Pedro Hin

    OMG she’s turning into a snake!