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Vote: Victoria’s Secret Cleavage Fail?

I wasn’t sure 100% about this one, but then we received this image from so many of our readers that we decided to put it to you for a final verdict. Behold, what one PsD reader referred to as “a vagina boob.


What do you think, is there something weird going on in the depths of this model’s cleavage, or is everything A-OK?  Vote below!

This cleavage is:

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Thanks to Josh and everyone else who sent this in.

Victoria’s Secret: Show that Shoulder Off

Bikinis show off certain assets, but with shoulders like those, it may be in this model’s best interest to not go strapless next time.

Photoshop DIsasters

Pulling back your shoulders can be an excellent way to make your chest appear bigger. Be careful though; pull them back too far and part of your shoulder is likely to fall off.

Thanks everyone for sending this into us! You can see the original on the Victoria’s Secret site.

Quiz: Victoria’s Secret: Va-Va-Voom

Just when we thought Victoria’s Secret might have got their design department in order they go and do something like this. The image below we think might just be a disaster, don’t those  hips look very odd?

Photoshop Disasters

I don't think

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Thanks Sarah for the find. You can see the original on the VS site.

Photoshop Quiz: Victoria’s Secret

I feel as if we feature Victoria’s Secret on this blog every week! This week we got sent the following image and can’t decide whether it’s a disaster or the angle at which the photo was taken at.

Vote below as to what you think happened and drop us a comment as to why you voted the way you did.

Photoshop Disasters

I'm telling you

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Thanks Rikka for the find and you can see the original on Victoria’s Secret.


If a girl like this ever walked out of the water towards me with that look on her face, yes, that’s exactly what I would probably do.

So easily fixed.  One wonders if this wasn’t without complete purpose on the part of the GA.  You know, like the secret penis on the cover of “The Little Mermaid” video.  Tsk tsk tsk…  You shouldn’t have… but we’re so glad you did!

Thanks to everyone who’ve sent this in. The original was found in the Pittsburgh Tribune.

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