Fressnapf: Beware of Two-Legged Dog

You’ve got to hand it to old Rover here for still practicing agility, in spite of his disability.  (No, seriously, please hand the ball to Rover. He needs help.)

2-legged dog

Okay, you could argue that his other legs are just hidden behind the legs in the foreground.  You could.  But you shouldn’t.

Thanks for sending this in, Christoph!

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  • PinkPanthress

    Well, yes we Germans are Magicians like that… you forgot how we made so many People vanish in WWII… those legs are nothing against that.

    • Greenhatter

      I have “nothing against that” as long as you speak for your own dog next time around.

  • OurJames

    It’s just one of those dog/T. Rex hybrids that are getting so popular these days.

  • Jason X

    This is not a PSD

  • Tim!

    Lil brudder! Keep scrapin along!

  • EliyahuBenYisroel

    I’m still trying to figure how he stands up without falling over. Both remaining legs seem to be on the same side.

    • OurJames

      I think you’re right–instead of two rear legs as it first appeared to me, I think it’s the two right legs, rear and front.

  • Roderick

    I can’t believe this pic was signed off, unless… hmmm…Could it be that we’ve fallen for a cunning ploy to gain free publicity for a product via PSD websites like this?

    • Nasro Subari

      Yes, every PSD reader needs an agility ball!

  • dma

    OH I see! The antennae in the front left of the page! It’s a RC dog!!

    **No dogs were injured in the making of this PSD.**

  • Casey Wakefield

    Could it be a special needs dog? I suppose they would mention that if it was, though….