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Amazon: Zeagoo (Needs A) Bandage Dress

I think I speak for all the ladies when I say that we’re all looking for a slinky club dress that makes us look this… odd.


No?  Just me then?  Okay.  Check out the close-up:




Clearly, whoever Photoshopped this image is blind, so we can’t even make fun of them.  It just wouldn’t be right.

Thanks, Ari!  This image is online here.

The Bachelorette: Will You Accept This Ro–Aaaaagh!

Just watching a little mindless television, when suddenly…



I love this, because it’s a little different than our usual fare.  This video still was sent in by PsD reader Kevin, who says, “Gonna go out on a limb here (pun intended) and say that those hands weren’t in the original photograph!”

We agree, Kevin, and thanks for sending this in.

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