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Lenco: Earbuds for Ants

Oh, honey! Yes! I will marry – oh, it’s an MP3 player. The size of my thumbnail. Sorry, I thought this ring box containing something ring-sized would be – you know what, it doesn’t matter. We’re through.

Photoshop Disasters

With handheld devices diminishing in size, it was difficult to tell if this was simply a small device in a big hand. But, unless  Lenco is marketing to people with pin-pricks for ears, those earbuds imply something went amiss in the marketing department.

Valisere Collection: Some moment

If the image in the mirror isn’t the right reflection, you’re looking at a horror book, not an erotic thriller.

Photoshop Disasters

At first, I thought this was just a sloppy reflection, but you’ll notice her better half is wearing a little less strap while showing off a lot more nipple.

Sidenote: don’t instruct your audience to close their eyes to step into a world of seduction when what you’re offering is an e-book. I can’t overstate how necessary eyesight is to enjoy those.


Daily Mail: Middling Market Tabloid

It’s hard to tell what was tweaked in Photoshop, and what was tweaked by a wax-happy beautician.

Photoshop Disasters

Both of these folks look like burn victims below their Speedos, and it has the unfortunate side effect of making the otherwise plastic-perfect people look like they have an “au naturel” policy when it comes to their legs. Also, points for awkward drink placement.

Thanks MiamiCarolina. You can see the original on DailyMail.

H&M: Bit Cheeky

When modelling a clothing line, how long does it typically take to realize you’re not wearing any clothes?

Photoshop Disasters

Back in 2011, H&M got in a bit of hot water for using computer generated bodies (but real heads!) to model their clothing lines. The clothes themselves were drawn on after, because every woman’s body is the same (they use the same model and colour it as ethnically necessary), and the clothes will always fit like a glove, provided you have a competent photoshopper and a nice cut out of a glove.

Thanks Ronald for the find. If anyone can find a link to the original, we will gladly post it.