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DHgate: Pull Up A Chair

When planning a swanky event, nothing screams class and sophistication like covering your chairs with brightly-colored, gravity-resistant spandex.


Good thing they watermarked this puppy not once, but twice.  We wouldn’t want anyone claiming this fabulous work as their own, now would we?

Thanks, Richard!  See the original here.

Jay Cutler: Head to Head

stuck on head

As a joke Jay Cutler, the footballer, wanted his head pasted on Jay Cutler, the bodybuilder. But in the confusion over names Jay Cutler’s head went on Jay Cutler’s body by mistake. Ha ha.

Thanks Thomas for taking the time out to scan and send this to us. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our marked up image gallery.

I’m confused. So you’re saying the bodybuilder’s face went on the bodybuilder’s body? Or the footballers face went on the bodybuilder’s body? Or what?

Yes, it is a bad composite, whoever’s body and face they are. by Jshook