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Pracercise: Yes, Prancercise

The best thing about a Photoshop disaster related to something called Prancercise is not having to think of a joke related to something called Prancercise.

Photoshop Disasters

Prancercise is the four-step/hooved exercise that’s taking the physical and spiritual world by a lightly mincing storm. If you’ve ever wanted to be semi-transparent, floating next to a series of poorly-photoshopped horses,  or you consider jazzercise too legitimate an exercise,” it may be the workout for you.

Thanks Todd for the find. You can see the original on Pracercise.

E. LecClerc: Cutting Prices and Products

In North America, we have Target to slash prices. In France, E.LecClerc literally takes a knife to their products.

Photoshop Disaster

I have to check the owner’s manual, but it doesn’t look like the microwave should be floating OR balanced on a blade. Ah, here’s the manual for the microwave.

Micro-ondes? What the hell is that?

Thanks Bruno for the find. The original can be found in catalogue Leclerc.

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