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Pracercise: Yes, Prancercise

The best thing about a Photoshop disaster related to something called Prancercise is not having to think of a joke related to something called Prancercise.

Photoshop Disasters

Prancercise is the four-step/hooved exercise that’s taking the physical and spiritual world by a lightly mincing storm. If you’ve ever wanted to be semi-transparent, floating next to a series of poorly-photoshopped horses,  or you consider jazzercise too legitimate an exercise,” it may be the workout for you.

Thanks Todd for the find. You can see the original on Pracercise.

Alexandra Guarnaschelli: Chopped

Telekinesis is an oft overlooked kitchen technique.

Photoshop Disasters

If she was preparing a corn-based dish, you could expect a clever Children of the Corn reference. Instead, you get to enjoy Guarnaschelli’s glazed expression as she scoops pecans with her mind. Not pictured: kitchen appliances and cutlery singing and dancing as they prepare a dish ala Beauty and the Beast.

Thanks Carlen. The original was found within the November edition of the Food Network magazine.


Someone needs to translate those Photoshop guidelines for our Chinese friends.

The original was found on the Hangzhou Yuhang government official website who later published the following apology:

May 9th, my company submitted the news manuscript of the “Completion and Transfer of the Green Landscaping Project of Nanhu Beach Park” to the Yuhang District Government Portal Website, along with photographs of technicians on location conducting inspections. Due to unsuitable work processes, there were serious mistakes in the uploaded photograph. With regards to the errors of our work, we deeply express our apologies: We sincerely accept the criticizes of the netizen masses, and wholeheartedly appreciate the concern netizens have given us.

Found by ChinaSmack


“I’m a horrible mother!” thought Billy’s mom as she watched her son perform his tricks sans helmet.  Her self-loathing quickly abated, however, when she realized the new spray starch she was trying out was living up to all the hype.

The logic behind the decision to market sewing patterns for children’s wear by having them modeled worn upside-down is beyond me, but then again, what the hell do I know?  Maybe this will start a new trend and we can look forward to watching hot supermodels show off the latest fashions in Milan while performing a trapeze act. (Net not included.)

Thanks Jamie for the find! You can see the original the McCall site.

AB 18.00 Uhr: Head Pin Honey

Newly divorced and alone, Susan was talked into joining the company bowling team.  Her very first strike came when she imagined the woman he’d left her for as the head pin.

Obviously, this is a quick-and-dirty print promo for some ‘happy hour’ event across the pond, so I’m not going to condescend a whole lot about the amateur quality.  I do, however, feel insulted that they expect us to believe that women of this caliber on the hotness scale hang out at bowling alleys which lack the budget required for either quality marketing staff or occasional painting of the pins.

Thanks Michael. The original can be found in a number of bowling alleys in Augsburg, Germany

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