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The Italian Expo… Again

Recently, we all enjoyed this image of the invitation to the 2015 Italian Expo, but apparently we were just scratching the surface! Their Facebook page is a treasure trove of delightful images like this:


Ghost people lounging on giant marshmallow chairs. I think I had a fever dream like this once.

Thank you to Gabriele, Carreralgalieni, and everyone else who sent this link in!

Kent County Parks & Rec: Hello, Terrifying Snow People

Kent County welcomes everyone in their community, even those creepy melty-faced people waving shovels around.



What. The. Hell.

Thanks to Chris for sending this in, along with the note, “Everybody who looks at it does a double-take when they notice the people’s faces. My design staff spent some time trying to figure out if this was an artistic statement about man’s inhumanity to man, or just the result of trying to cover up some really bad magic lassoing that got “fixed” by liberal use of the Liquify tool.”