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Lenovo: Oh no

The marketing department responsible for this should take the time to reflect on their mistakes.

Photoshop Disasters

Oh gee, there are so many joke opportunities here, I don’t know where to start. In no particular order, Windows 8, Bing Maps, and making an obvious mistake while searching Las Vegas. Usually there are airline fees and hotel charges associated with mistakes involving Las Vegas, so at least this ad has that going for it.

Thanks Cesar. You can see the original on Twitter.

Zulily: That buggie bugs me

Anything is all-terrain with the right amount of photoshop.

Photoshop Disasters

Before trusting something that’s supposed to float with your child, you may want to make sure it actually floats. What’s the point of a floating car toy anyway? It seems like it might misinform children about what a car is capable of.

Thanks Chloe for the find! You can see the original on the Zulily site.

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