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Lenovo: Oh no

The marketing department responsible for this should take the time to reflect on their mistakes.

Photoshop Disasters

Oh gee, there are so many joke opportunities here, I don’t know where to start. In no particular order, Windows 8, Bing Maps, and making an obvious mistake while searching Las Vegas. Usually there are airline fees and hotel charges associated with mistakes involving Las Vegas, so at least this ad has that going for it.

Thanks Cesar. You can see the original on Twitter.

Deep River Snacks: The Unnatural Life

Considering their slogan is “Enjoy Life Naturally,” you’d think at least one part of this picture would be, y’know – natural.

Photoshop Disasters

The only part of this picture that looks semi-correct  is that outlet – which is a nice touch in a chip advert, Deep River. Does that floor have a drop shadow? Curiosity abound with the table’s misty black aura and the middle picture’s trend-setting upward shadow, too. Getting that dog out of the picture is animal rescue at this point.

Thanks Alexander! You can find the original on the Deep River Facebook page.

Dockers: Reflecting on shoe choices

Either Dockers is making a statement about reflecting on where our shoes come from, or someone flipped this image without thinking.

Photoshop Disasters

I may be jumping to conclusions by calling this a sloppy image edit. For all we know, Dockers is aiming a product line at people who have two right feet or a stylish stance similar to that of a duck.

Thanks Martin for the find. You can see the original Happy-Size.

Victoria’s Secret: Thigh-Jacked

We’re not usually into conspiracy theories, but since this appears to be the same model who had a thigh disaster recently, we’re starting to suspect that the good people at Victoria’s Secret are trying to hide something.  I don’t know why, though; there’s no shame in being a Minotaur.

Photoshop Disasters

Thanks for the great find, Tryptophan!  The original is here.

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