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Campereve: Drop Your Drawers

I don’t claim to know much about interior decorating, but my dating life has taught me that impossible-to-get-into-drawers aren’t a feature you advertise.

Photoshop Disasters

Another weird thing about this RV is how many loose knick knacks are haphazardly placed about its interior. One good speed bump is all it would take to send everything sprawling. But, on the plus side, even a triple-rollover won’t be enough to shake those drawers loose.

Thanks Manfred. You can see the original in the Campereve Catalogue 2013.

Yonhap News: Rooms Apart

It looks like North Korea found something they can do better than South Korea – the art of Photoshop.

Photoshop Disasters

As many newspapers have pointed out, there are actual photos of President Obama and President Park Geun-hye shaking hands. So why the two-room, three-handed slapdash of a picture? Commentary about the nature of international politics, or is the border in Korea so bad that this is what Yonhap News thinks a unified picture of diplomacy looks like?

The original was found by Gizmodo.

preciseprintmedia: Definetely!

Preciseprintmedia PSD
Hi Phottoshop Disatsers,

This is’nt phottoshop and theirs nothing wrong with it. I am unsubscirbing form youre websight. You sock.

Thanks to Nick! Original is here!

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