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Hyper U: Faux French

I love it when models have the same range of motion as the stick people on bathroom doors.

Photoshop Disasters

The outright disasters can be the hardest ones to comment on due to the paralysis of choice (which would be a great name for this piece). In no particular order, check out: the sloppy motion blur, the weird perspective on the woman’s right arm, the cut off at the bottom, the semi-transparent feet at the edges, and the faux-gut the man has due to his arm shadow.

Oh, also? You’re not allowed to sit in shopping carts or run around with them. Trust me – there’s not a Costco within 100kms I’m allowed in.

This was sent in by X (A graphic designer from Martinique). The original can be seen here.

AmiClubWear: Suck it up

If your ad implies your model suffers from internal trauma, you may have overdone it with Photoshop.

Photoshop Disasters

Ribcages, like thighs that reach your butt, are just another superfluous part of a person. I look forward to the day when human evolution takes us to the point where our women are eight-feet-tall bird people with joints that spin in every possible direction.

Thanks Beth for the great find. You can see the original on Amiclubwear.

BodyCentral: Shift Those Shoulders

Give me a look that says “fierce” and “my shoulder just dislocated.” Perfect!

Photoshop Disasters

Between that bust, these shoulders, and those pencil-thin arms, we got a woman that can only be described as structurally unsound. It’s a good thing that’s a sheer sweater, lest she fall apart at the seams from the sheer (I’m too proud of myself for this pun) weight of it.

Thanks Erika. You can see the original on BodyCentral.